Charitable Translation


映画 able2「Host Town」は劇場公開用ドキュメンタリー映画として製作され、2003年内完成予定、2004年4月、単館映画館にて全国上映後ホール上映予定。この映画は、知的発達障害のある人たちに日常的にスポーツトレーニングのプログラムや競技会を提供するスペシャルオリンピックスの活動を通して知的障害のある人々への理解、障害者と社会のあり方についての提言が目的で製作されています。商業公開後のホール上映は、全国の各種団体にfilmを貸し出し、地域で上映されます。これは、日本各地のスペシャルオリンピックスやダウン症協会、自閉症協会、その他の福祉団体や企業などの主催団体が上映会を開き、その収益の多くをスペシャルオリンピックスなどの福祉活動に寄付される事が目的です。第1作目のableに関していえば、2002年5月〜2003年10月現在まで188カ所で上映され、約2500万円がスペシャルオリンピックスに寄付されています。これは、ナショナルゲームに参加する交通費、世界大会に参加する費用の一部、日常の活動費等に使われています。まだまだ各地で上映会が行われる予定が入ってきており、これからもその数字は増え続けます。映画 able2「Host Town」に関しても、同様な主旨で上映活動が行われます。

映画の主人公である知的障害を伴うダウン症の少女エイミーは、Holy Family Secondary Schoolという普通高校に通学しています。メディアの時間の中で、生徒同士がカメラマン、録音、録画、出演者という役割を分担し授業が行われます。エイミーはボーカルを担当しました。CDから出る音楽に合わせ、マイクを持ったエイミーが歌い、他の生徒が振りを付けてバックで踊ります。この日の授業では「one step closer」の曲に合わせて、障害を持つ生徒も健常児の生徒も渾身の演技で取り組む姿を見ることが出来ます。エイミーの歌は音こそ外れていますが、この曲が大好きという感じが滲み出ています。ドキュメンタリー映画において、このシーンは、エイミーのもつ障害を包み込むクラスメイトとのコミュニケーションをシンボリックに表現しているため、他の曲に差し換える事はどうしても避けたいのがお願いの本意です。


"Able 2: Host Town," a film documentary being produced for the theatre, is due to be completed by the end of 2003. Mainstream release -- after initial showings nationwide in minor theatres -- is planned for April 2004. Regular day-to-day Special Olympics activities, which offer those suffering from mental retardation sports training programmes and the opportunity to partake in competitions, are portrayed in the film. The film is being produced with the goal that this portrayal may enhance the understanding between those disabled by mental retardation and society as a whole. After the commercial release of the film, it will be lent to various organisations and associations, and will consequently be shown in halls nationwide at the regional level. This is with the aim that Special Olympics, Down's Syndrome and autism associations, and other such charitable associations and enterprises, will be able to sponsor the showing of the film and earn proceeds from the screenings. The major part of these proceeds will be donated toward the Special Olympics and other similar charitable causes. In the case of the first Able film ("Able 1"), between May 2002 and October 2003, the film was shown in 188 locations. Ultimately, donations of approximately 25 million yen were made to the Special Olympics. This money was used to cover the expenses of travel to national competitions, part of the expenses involved in partaking in international competitions, as well as to pay for activities of an everyday nature (such as training, etc.). As there are still showings being booked across the country, the figure for the earnings will continue to increase. In the case of "Able 2: Host Town," too, showings will be organised with both the same intention and expectation.

Intended use of the track:
The star of the film, a young girl named Amy who suffers from mental retardation and Down's Syndrome, attends a regular high school called Holy Family Secondary School. During a media studies class, the classmates assign themselves to take on such roles as photographer, sound technician, cameraman, as well as the acting cast. Amy takes on the role of vocalist. In time with the music from the CD, Amy holds the mic and sings as the other students dance in the background. On the day, the disabled students, as well as the non-disabled students, are seen pulling off a spirited acting performance in time with the track "One Step Closer". Amy's song stands apart due it's sound, but the sense that the kids love the track is clearly evident from the scene.

As this scene of the documentary symbolically expresses the shrowding of her disability by her communication with her classmates, we sincerely hope that it will not be necessary to use another track.